Sunday, September 15, 2013


We will get into our feelings when we are going thru tough times. I don't want you to ever think that I'm not human. But I know that I must pray NOT my will but GODS will be done.

Even on yesterday going to speak at the University it was  difficult for me but not in the since to tell my story again but because I am having something disturbing to me emotionally bother me right now while I share what I am trying to empower and educate others to be encouraged.

Jesus is our greatest example on suffering emotionally but he remained obedient to God for what his purpose was on earth was supposed to be. I'm not Jesus nor God but I am a spiritual being who knows that I must get out of myself when it comes to being transparent and allowing so many people to understand my story. I believe that I have made a new level of purpose at this time and the revelation that a person could get for pressing thru your test is the one that gives you a greater testimony. The greater the opposition is the greater the opportunity. Keep praying, praising and fighting y'all. God will see you thru it. It won't feel good but just know God is there all the time. Be blessed. ~Atara

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